Meets the Eye

Meets the Eye captures scenes that are at once familiar yet challenge our perception of the world around us and the distribution of information in each image. With photography so prevalent – an accessible device in everyone’s pocket – the load and overload of information we’re exposed to on a daily basis is constantly increasing. But what does this information actually tell us? How much do we really know? Is some of it out of context, altered, staged, misleading, or simply untrue? Something that seems so real, sharp, and in focus can turn out to be fuzzy and fake. Meets the Eye tries to emulate this sentiment, inviting viewers to step back, to take a second look, to step closer, and to try to decipher what’s in front of them, allowing for the possibility of knowing less and feeling more.

Ranging from bare, natural landscapes, to iconic landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower and the Manhattan Bridge, to scenes from everyday life, such pedestrians in London or posted signage in New Mexico, these images are intentionally blurred in camera. They portray the reality of our globalized and travel obsessed world where many impressions fade and blur into each other. The resulting experiences are less and less important, and the information that’s kept, stored, and shared is the selfie or the “been there done that” image.

Measuring 24 x 16 inches and printed on metal, the scale of the works makes them appear clearer to the eye at a distance, pulling viewers closer towards them. Like a sign, a viewer expects the image to come into focus, though as they move closer it becomes increasingly blurred and seems to move further away. Through these distinct modes of viewing and presentation of the works, Mombartz achieves a curious visual discrepancy and interactive back and forth dance. Ultimately, the images want to challenge a viewer’s expectations and assumptions about the information in front of them and make them wonder if maybe, there is more – or less – to the images than what meets the eye.

2014 - Present
24 x 16 inches
Metal Print

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